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This comprehensive guide covers the Maine Coon Cat Water origins, its affinity for water, reasons behind increased hydration needs, serving tips, health considerations, and answers common questions on water consumption for this beloved breed.

The Maine Coon Cat and its Fascination with Water

Characterized by a large stature, lush fur coat, and playful personality, the Maine Coon has steadily grown in popularity over the past decades to become one of America’s most beloved cat breeds. But beyond its immense size and gentle temperament lies a lesser known trait – its affinity for water that defies the average feline. Where did this cat hail from and how can owners keep up with Maine Coons’ increased thirst? Let’s take a dive into proper hydration for this fascinating breed.

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A Look Back

The state cat of Maine has uncertain origins but this natural breed was well established in New England by the early 19th century as an adept mouser. Their adaptation to the region’s cold winters and moist environment is believed to have spawned such defining traits as their water-resistant coat, large paws acting as snowshoes, and surprising fondness of water. Maine Coon Cat Water This outdoorsy skillset allowed Maine Coons to thrive on rugged farmlands. Their puppy-like temperaments also made them welcome additions.

Reasons Behind Increased Thirst

One contributor to Maine Coons’ drinking habits relates to their size – as the largest domesticated breed, their body mass drives above-average fluid intake. Ancestral origins likely also play a key role. By not shying away from frigid waters, early Maine Coons were able access hydration when snowbound. Maine Coon Cat Water This history seems to have instilled an affinity for moisture. Owners should provide ample, clean drinking water to satisfy this desire and support health.

Tips for Keeping Them Hydrated

Provide multiple large, refillable water stations around the home. Glass, ceramic and stainless steel make better containers than plastic which can harbor bacteria. Placement should be apart from food bowls to mimic natural drinking spaces. Maine Coon Cat Water Many Maine Coons prefer running water so fountain dispensers are perfect. Offer wet food to supplement intake. Track consumption levels to notice any changes warranting vet examination for potential issues like diabetes or kidney disease.

Health Considerations

While Maine Coons stay in touch with their water-loving roots, owners should exercise caution around certain liquids potentially dangerous to their health. Water additives like lemon or orange juices can disrupt acidity. Uncooked fish juice may harbor parasites. Standing water invites contamination. Most human drinks aside from pure water can negatively impact cats. Vet approval is advised before introducing anything new.

Maine Coon Cat Water 2024

Proper hydration is key for supporting Maine Coons’ joint health and digestion while promoting lustrous, water-resistant fur. By providing abundant fresh water sources, owners can fulfill increased thirst aptitudes in America’s gentle giant breed.


With their wolf-like features yet affectionate loyalty, it’s no wonder the Maine Coon has secured such popularity over the centuries since roaming New England farms. Understanding care aspects like increased hydration needs due to ancestry and sheer size can help owners better cater to these gentle giants. Maine Coon Cat Water Offering multiple drinking stations, wet food varieties and pure water will earn an owner the Maine Coon’s enduring companionship for years to come.

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How much water should a Maine Coon drink per day?

A Maine Coon should drink between 100-300 mL per kg body weight per day. An average 16 lb cat would need 180-540 mL daily. Increased size equals greater fluid requirements.

Do Maine Coon cats like to play in water?

Yes! Maine Coons frequently enjoy splashing in water due to their history as rugged outdoor cats who accessed snowmelt for hydration. Many delight in playing with running faucets or investigating bathtubs.

Why do Maine Coon cats drink so much water?

Maine Coons have higher thirst aptitudes owed to their large size, adaptations for cold weather survival and ancestral origins accessing water sources when snowbound on early American farmlands.

Is it normal for Maine Coons to drink from the toilet?

While not the most hygienic, drinking from toilet bowls can appeal to the Maine Coon’s fascination with running water. Providing a continually circulating fountain dispenser prevents this habit.

Can I give my Maine Coon cat lemon water?

No. While water additives seem harmless, ingredients like lemon juice can disrupt the acidity balance in a cat’s system. Only provide pure drinking water unless otherwise vet recommended for medical treatment.

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