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Tiffany & Collar is arguably the world’s premier luxury jewelry brand. Founded in 1837 in New York City, the iconic Robin’s egg blue boxes and exceptional craftsmanship have made Tiffany synonymous with elegance and refined taste.

In recent years, Tiffany has expanded beyond jewelry into luxury accessories for both humans and pets. One such offering that combines Tiffany’s legacy of skilled artistry with feline fashion is the Tiffany cat collar collection. Ranging from $500 to over $1,500, these high-end collars allow cat owners to adorn their pets in the finest materials and dazzling embellishments.

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Blue Vegan Leather Cat Collar
Blue Vegan Leather Cat Collar

Expert Craftsmanship

Tiffany’s cat collar are designed and assembled by artisans in the company’s own manufacturing facilities. Only the highest quality leathers, textiles, and hardware are utilized, including options such as crocodile leather, cashmere, and sterling silver. Precision cutting, stitching, and setting of each component result in cat collars of remarkable beauty and durability to treasure for years. Tiffany’s Cat Collar Custom options allow clients to select colors, materials, surface embellishments, and personalized engraving for a truly one-of-a-kind creation. And just like the iconic Robin’s egg blue box these special collars arrive in, the unboxing experience delivers delight and wonder.

Timeless Tiffany Style

The aesthetic of Tiffany’s cat collar collection takes inspiration from some of the brand’s most classic jewelry collections. Contemporary interpretations of Victorian, Art Deco, and modern minimalism translate beautifully from human adornment into feline fashion accessories. Design motifs include Tiffany keys, knots, and signature patterns rendered in glittering pave diamonds, radiant gemstones, lustrous enameling, and engraved metals. Luxurious textiles such as velvets and silk taffeta provide a rich backdrop, while innovative fastenings and adjustable elements ensure both beauty and comfort. From prim and proper looks perfect for an afternoon tea party, to bold dazzling statements reserved for the catwalk (pun intended!), there are styles to coordinate with every breed, personality, and occasion.

Responsible Luxury

As part of Tiffany’s commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing, many of the cat collar offerings utilize recycled precious metals, ethically sourced gemstones, and eco-friendly textiles like organic cotton. Supporting organizations dedicated to animal welfare, Tiffany also donates a portion of all pet accessory sales to charitable foundations helping cats and other creatures in need. Tiffany’s Cat Collar So for those feline aficionados with refined taste and the budget to indulge it, Tiffany’s cat collars are the pinnacle of luxury style. Your beloved pet can curl up on the couch with you sparkling like diamond royalty.

Signature Tiffany Collections

Like the brand’s iconic jewelry designs, the cat collar collections take inspiration from some of Tiffany’s most beloved styles established over the past 185 years. The Kitty’s Return to Tiffany® collection features the classic Return to Tiffany heart tag in sterling silver, as well as round bone tags and mini padlocks engraved with your cat’s name. Rendered in Tiffany Blue leather or velvet, these elegant yet playful designs make a meaningful gift to celebrate a cherished pet.

Another signature motif is the Tiffany Keys collection, with custom diamond and enamel key pendants affixed along delicate chains decorating buttery-soft calfskin collars. Ornate intricate keys symbolize welcoming your beloved pet into the joy and luxury of your home. The Tiffany T collection offers bold geometric patterns reminiscent of the iconic bracelets and pendants, styled here as studs pierced along wide buckled leather straps. Strong curved lines make a modern minimalist statement. Tiffany’s Cat Collar And what feline wouldn’t feel like cat royalty wearing a collar from the Blue Book collection, featuring Tiffany’s most rare and valuable gems. Decorated in aquamarine, morganite, and over 5 carats of diamonds, these precious collars elevate everyday pets into pedigree status.

Star Moon Pet Collar
Star Moon Pet Collar

TopTiffany’s Cat Collar Trends

In addition to reinterpreting Tiffany’s most classic jewelry collections into cat collar designs, some styles also incorporate hot contemporary trends. The diamond sprinkle collection with pavé diamonds or gemstone confetti delivers maximalist sparkle and shine. While the engraved ID tag collection puts a luxe spin on the utility of contact info with sterling silver inserts on sleek leather. Tiffany’s Cat Collar Global cultural influences are also evident in collections like the cherry blossom collar featuring pink enamel flowers and engraved bamboo motifs inspired by Japan. As well as the Venetian luxury collar ribbed with colorful enameled stripes similar to the city’s historic carnival masks.

And no cat will suffer a bad hair day wearing the cashmere collar accessorized with sterling silver bristle brushes or tiny bathtub charm—perfect for Grooming Day preparations! With so many gorgeous collections spanning from timeless to trendsetting, even the most discriminating of felines is sure to find their perfect Tiffany cat collar match.

The Ultimate in Bespoke Customization

As one would expect from a luxury brand that offers exceptionally personalized engagement rings and gifts, Tiffany also provides extensive customization opportunities for their cat collars.Beyond just choosing colors and materials, personalized engraving allows you to add your cat’s name, family titles, or special dates along the inside rim or dangling tags. For multi-pet parents, each animal can have their own designated Tiffany ID. Tiffany’s Cat Collar Those wanting more ornate embellishments can select from unique charms like diamond mice, pearl feather plumes, enameled fishbones, and sterling silver bells.

Have your pet strut their hobby or personality by decorating their collar with golf clubs, tiny chef’s hats, princess crowns, and more!Gemologists will also work with clients to design fully bespoke pendants featuring specially cut gemstones and pearls styled into unique shapes significant to each pet, like their first initial or astrological sign.With endless personalization potential, Tiffany cat collar truly pamper pets with one-of-a-kind luxury and style. Every collar ultimately becomes its own tiny wearable masterpiece of jewelry craftsmanship.

A Commitment to Exquisite Quality

As one of the world’s most esteemed jewelry names, Tiffany has built a legacy of providing clients with exquisite creations of remarkable artistry and quality. This same commitment now extends into their pet accessory collections. Tiffany’s Cat Collar Meticulous inspection from raw materials to final assembly ensures only flawless pieces ever make it into the iconic blue boxes. Because just as a beloved animal family member deserves our utmost care and respect, they should only adorn themselves in collar finery reflecting outstanding craft.

Ultimately the proof resides in the exceptional comfort, security, and joy these collars bring to both cat and caretaker. Where other luxury pet brands may compromise construction to increase profits, Tiffany refuses to ever sacrifice their standards of excellence.So while the investment required may limit Tiffany cat collar to the more affluent, those who do indulge discover a cherished heirloom bringing smiles for years. And devoted pet parents agree—when it comes to spoiling our fur babies, sometimes we just can’t resist!

designer dog collars
designer dog collars

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Do you have to be a Tiffany jewelry owner to purchase a Tiffany cat collar?

No. Tiffany’s Cat Collar are available for purchase by anyone through Tiffany retail stores, online, or via phone order. Owning Tiffany jewelry is not required.

What is the price range for Tiffany’s Cat Collar?

Tiffany cat collars range in price from approximately USD 500 for more basic leather and silver designs, up to over USD 1,500 for collars featuring diamonds, gemstones, engraved detailing, and exotic materials.

Can I bring my cat into a Tiffany store for custom fitting?

For the ultimate personalized experience, you may schedule an appointment at select Tiffany locations to bring your cat in for precise measurement and styling guidance from one of our pet accessory experts. Please check with your local store for availability.

Do you sell matching Tiffany leashes?

Yes, we offer a selection of handcrafted designer leashes made with similar precious metals and fine leathers for those who wish to complement their cat’s Tiffany collar. Custom engraving is also available.

Is there a warranty or repair program?

All Tiffany’s Cat Collar are covered under our lifetime product guarantee against defects in materials and craftsmanship. We will happily repair or replace any collar as needed to preserve the lasting quality and enjoyment of your purchase.

Do sales of Tiffany pet products support animal welfare?

Yes. A portion of proceeds from all Tiffany pet accessories goes toward the Tiffany’s Cat Collar Save the Wild collection’s elephant conservation efforts, as well as other global animal funds selected annually that align with our mission of environmental responsibility.

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