World Gorilla Day 2023: Celebrating Our 98.6% Human Relatives

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Hey there, fellow primate enthusiast! Did you know that we share 98.6% of our DNA with gorillas? That’s right! These magnificent creatures are more like us than you might think. As we approach World Gorilla Day 2023 on September 24th, let’s delve into the world of gorillas, their importance, and how we can play a part in their conservation.

When is World Gorilla Day 2023?

Mark your calendars! September 24th is designated as World Gorilla Day each year. This day is about celebrating these incredible animals and raising awareness about their dwindling numbers and the urgent need for conservation.

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Why Celebrate Gorillas?

Why Celebrate Gorillas
Why Celebrate Gorillas
  • 98.6% Human: Our genetic closeness to gorillas is astounding. They exhibit emotions, intelligence, and behaviors that often mirror our own.
  • Conservation Heroes: Organizations like the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund and WWF have been at the forefront of gorilla conservation. Their efforts have been instrumental in protecting gorilla habitats and ensuring their survival.
  • Cultural Significance: Gorillas hold a special place in the folklore and traditions of many African communities. They’re not just animals; they’re symbols of strength, wisdom, and nature’s majesty.

Activities to Celebrate World Gorilla Day:

Activities to Celebrate World Gorilla Day
Activities to Celebrate World Gorilla Day
  • Educate Yourself: Websites like WWF offer information about gorillas and their habitats.
  • Crafting Fun: Get creative and make a gorilla mask out of recycled materials. Kids and adults alike will enjoy doing it!
  • Support Conservation: Consider adopting a gorilla through WWF or donating to organizations like the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.
  • Visit a Zoo: Many zoos, like the Los Angeles Zoo, host special events for World Gorilla Day. It’s a great way to see these animals up close and learn from experts.

Quotes to Inspire:

  1. “You desire to stay away from humans more and more as you learn more about the dignity of the gorilla.” – Dian Fossey.
  2. “The character of gorillas is practically selfless. ‘Me-itis’ is seldom ever, if ever, present. Every time I return to society, I’m horrified by “me, me, me.” – Dian Fossey.

Gorilla Conservation:

The mountain gorilla population is critically endangered, with only around 880 in the wild. These creatures mainly reside in high-altitude mountain and bamboo forests. Their habitats are under constant threat due to human activities. Organizations worldwide are working tirelessly to protect these habitats and ensure the survival of gorillas.

When is World Gorilla Day?

When is World Gorilla Day
When is World Gorilla Day

Every year, on September 24th, the world celebrates World Gorilla Day. This isn’t just a day of celebration but also a call to action. It’s a reminder of the urgent need to protect these magnificent creatures and their rapidly diminishing habitats. The date serves as a global platform for various organizations and individuals to highlight the importance of gorillas and their challenges.

World Gorilla Day: 98.6% Human

One of the most fascinating facts about gorillas is that they share 98.6% of their DNA with humans. This close genetic similarity underscores not only our shared ancestry but also the intrinsic value of every gorilla. Their behaviors, emotions, and social structures often mirror our own, making the conservation of their species even more poignant.

World Gorilla Day Wikipedia

The World Gorilla Day page offers a treasure trove of information for those who turn to Wikipedia for a deep dive into topics. From the history of its inception to the global initiatives associated with the day, Wikipedia provides a comprehensive overview for those keen on understanding the day’s significance in depth.

World Gorilla Day: 98.9% Human

While 98.6% is the most commonly cited figure, some scientific studies suggest that the genetic overlap between humans and gorillas might be even closer, at 98.9%. This minute difference might seem trivial, but it further emphasizes the close bond we share with these primates and our evolutionary journey.

Is Today World Gorilla Day?

If you’re reading this on September 24th, today is World Gorilla Day! It’s a day to reflect, learn, and take action. If not, mark your calendar for the next one and plan to participate in or support events that champion gorilla conservation.

Happy World Gorilla Day!

Happy World Gorilla Day
Happy World Gorilla Day

This cheerful greeting is exchanged globally on September 24th. It’s a day of unity, where people from different walks of life come together with a shared purpose: to celebrate and protect gorillas. Whether you’re a conservationist, a student, or someone who admires these creatures, this day is for you.

Fossey Fund World Gorilla Day

The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund has been at the forefront of gorilla conservation for decades. On World Gorilla Day, they amplify their efforts, hosting events, educational programs, and fundraisers. Their work, inspired by the legendary Dian Fossey, continues to play a crucial role in saving gorillas and their natural habitats.

Detroit Zoo World Gorilla Day

Detroit Zoo World Gorilla Day
Detroit Zoo World Gorilla Day

Zoos play a crucial role in conservation education. The Detroit Zoo, for instance, hosts special events on World Gorilla Day, offering visitors a unique opportunity to learn about gorillas, their habitats, and the threats they face. Such events often include interactive sessions, keeper talks, and special exhibits.

What Day is World Gorilla Day?

To reiterate, World Gorilla Day falls on September 24th every year. It’s a day marked by global events, campaigns, and initiatives centered around gorilla conservation.

World Gorilla Day 2023

While the exact events and themes of World Gorilla Day 2023 will be determined as the date approaches, what’s certain is that the global community will keep working to spread awareness, funds, and support for gorilla conservation. It will be another day of unity, learning, and action.

World Gorilla Day Quotes
World Gorilla Day Quotes
World Gorilla Day Quotes

Quotes have a way of capturing the essence of a sentiment. Regarding gorillas, many conservationists and enthusiasts have expressed their admiration and concern. For instance, Dian Fossey’s words resonate deeply: “The more you learn about the dignity of the gorilla, the more you want to avoid people.”

World Gorilla Day Activities

Activities on this day are diverse. They range from educational workshops, documentary screenings, and art projects to fundraisers, zoo visits, and social media campaigns. Each activity, no matter how big or small, contributes to the larger goal of gorilla conservation.

World Gorilla Population

The current status of the gorilla population is alarming. Mountain gorillas, for instance, are critically endangered, with only around 880 individuals left in the wild—their survival hinges on our actions and global conservation efforts.

National Gorilla Suit Day

A lighter observance, National Gorilla Suit Day on January 31st, is a day where participants don gorilla suits for fun. While not directly related to conservation, it brings attention to humorously and engagingly gorillas.

World Rhino Day

World Rhino Day is just two days before World Gorilla Day, on September 22nd. This day is dedicated to conserving another magnificent and endangered creature: the rhinoceros. It’s a reminder that many of our planet’s species are in dire need of protection.

World Rivers Day

Celebrated on the last Sunday of September, World Rivers Day emphasizes the importance of rivers to our planet’s health. Rivers are vital for humans and countless species, including gorillas, who depend on these ecosystems.

Where Do Gorillas Live?
Where Do Gorillas Live
Where Do Gorillas Live

Gorillas inhabit the dense, lush forests of central Sub-Saharan Africa. Their habitats vary based on the species, with some residing in lowland forests and others in mountainous regions. These habitats are constantly threatened by deforestation, mining, and human encroachment.


As we celebrate World Gorilla Day, remember that these creatures are not just animals; they reflect ourselves. Their survival is intricately linked with the health of our planet. So, this World Gorilla Day, let’s pledge to do our bit, whether by spreading awareness, donating, or simply appreciating the beauty of these magnificent beings.

FAQs on World Gorilla Day and Gorillas

Q: Who started World Gorilla Day?

A: World Gorilla Day was initiated by gorilla conservation organizations to raise awareness about the endangered status of gorillas and the importance of their conservation.

Q: Is there a national gorilla day?

A: There isn’t a “national” gorilla day, but World Gorilla Day is celebrated globally on September 24th every year.

Q: When was Gorilla Day?

A: World Gorilla Day is observed annually on September 24th.

Q: Why are gorillas called gorilla?

A: The name “gorilla” is derived from the Greek word “gorilla,” which means “tribe of hairy women.” Early explorers used this term upon encountering these majestic creatures.

Q: Why is World Gorilla Day celebrated?

A: World Gorilla Day is celebrated to raise awareness about the threats facing gorillas, to promote their conservation, and to highlight the efforts of organizations and individuals working to protect them.

Q: Who is the most famous gorilla?

A: One of the most famous gorillas is Koko, known for her ability to communicate using sign language. Another notable gorilla is Harambe, who gained posthumous fame after an incident at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Q: Who saw the first gorilla?

A: The first Westerner to describe the existence of gorillas was Thomas Savage, an American missionary, in the mid-19th century. However, local African communities were familiar with gorillas long before Western discovery.

Q: Who was the first gorilla in the world?

A: It’s challenging to pinpoint the “first” gorilla in evolutionary history. However, fossil records suggest that the ancestors of modern gorillas diverged from other primates around 10 million years ago.

Q: Which gorilla was killed?

A: Harambe, a western lowland gorilla, was tragically killed in 2016 at the Cincinnati Zoo after a child fell into his enclosure.

Q: When was the first gorilla?

A: Based on fossil evidence and evolutionary studies, the ancestors of modern gorillas likely appeared around 10 million years ago.

Q: What are gorilla activities?

A: Gorillas, in their natural habitat, engage in various activities such as foraging for food, grooming each other, playing, resting, and building nests for sleeping. Social interactions and communication are also vital parts of their daily lives.

Q: Where do gorillas live?

A: Gorillas primarily inhabit the dense forests of central Sub-Saharan Africa. Depending on the species, they can be found in both lowland and mountainous regions.

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