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It’s no secret that the internet loves cats. Animal Vised From viral videos of clumsy kittens to majestic photos of Maine Coons, these furry companions have won our hearts and taken over our feeds. But did you know there’s a dedicated day just for appreciating them? Every Saturday, the online world erupts in a symphony of purrs, meows, and hashtags – it’s Caturday!

What is Caturday?

Caturday is a playful portmanteau of “cat” and “Saturday,” a day when the internet’s love for felines reaches fever pitch. It’s a day to share photos and videos of our feline friends, from the hilarious to the heartwarming, and to revel in their pure, unadulterated cuteness.

While the exact origins of are fuzzy (fitting, wouldn’t you say?), it seems to have emerged early in the 2000s alongside the rise of pet-centric content online. The hashtag #Caturday began trending on Twitter and other social media platforms, and cat photos became a staple of online humor and entertainment.

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Caturday One of the Best
Caturday One of the Best

How Do We Celebrate Caturday?

Celebrating Caturday is as simple as indulging in your love for cats. Here are a few ways to join the purrfectly fun festivities:

  • Share cat photos and videos: Dig through your camera roll and unleash your inner catfluencer! Share your cat’s funniest moments, their most majestic poses, or their simply adorable everyday antics. Use the #Caturday hashtag to connect with other cat lovers and spread the feline love.
  • Get creative: Channel your inner artist and create cat-themed content. Write a poem about your furry friend, paint a portrait of their regal visage, or compose a meow-gical song.
  • Treat your cat: Make Caturday extra special for your feline companion. Spoil them with a new toy, a delicious catnip treat, or a luxurious head scratch session. You can even set up a DIY obstacle course or engage them in some interactive playtime.
  • Support cat rescues: Use as an opportunity to give back to the cats who need it most. Donate to your local cat shelter, volunteer your time, or spread awareness about cat adoption.

Beyond the Memes: The Significance of Caturday

Caturday is more than just a fun internet trend. It’s a reminder of the joy and companionship that cats bring into our lives. It’s a day to appreciate their unique personalities, their playful antics, and their unconditional love.

But Caturday also highlights the important role cats play in society. From pest control to emotional support, these furry friends contribute to our well-being in countless ways. Celebrating can raise awareness of these contributions and encourage responsible cat ownership.

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The Future of Caturday

Caturday shows no signs of slowing down. The internet’s love for cats continues to grow, and with it, the paw-sitivity of spreads ever wider. As long as there are cats and the internet, you can bet there will be a dedicated day to celebrate them.

So, next Saturday, don’t forget to join the fun. Share your cat’s purrfect photos, indulge in some feline-themed silliness, and let the world know just how much these furry overlords mean to you. After all, every day deserves a little bit of wouldn’t you say?

Here are some additional facts and fun facts about Caturday to keep the purr-ty going:

  • Caturday is not just an internet phenomenon. Some cafes and businesses host special Caturday events, with cat-themed treats, decorations, and even costume contests.
  • There are even books and merchandise dedicated! Celebrate your favorite day with a Caturday-themed mug, t-shirt, or even a stuffed cat toy.
  • The Guinness World Record for the most cats purring simultaneously was set in 2015, with 27 cats purring for 5 minutes straight.

So, get your catnip ready, fluff up your ears, and join the worldwide celebration of our feline friends. Happy Caturday, everyone!

This article explores the latest 2023 developments around celebrations and cat culture, reasons for its popularity, new product releases, events, adoption impacts, and answers key questions cat owners have about the famous day.


Caturday 2023 Cat Craze – A Purrfect Way to Start the New Year

It’s the most pawsome day of the week for feline fans. With cats dominating social media and popular culture more than ever in recent years, their signature holiday – Caturday – shows no signs of losing steam in 2023. Animal Vised This kitty spin on Saturday has rapidly evolved from an internet meme to a full-fledged phenomenon with major pet brands and shelters getting in on the action. But what new trends are emerging around celebrations and why does this wacky day hold such appeal for cat lovers? Let’s find out!

Launching New Product Drops

Companies aware of Caturday’s skyrocketing popularity such as Chewy, Wild One and PetSmart routinely debut seasonal products timed with the weekly event. Recent releases celebrate beloved cat behaviors like scratching, laser pointer chasing, catnip rolling and chasing crinkle balls. Animal Vised Limited edition-themed toys, treats and accessories fly off shelves. For 2023, expect even more brands tying releases to capitalize on this social media-fueled shopping day as cat ownership continues rising sharply.

Caturdays Fueling Adoption Numbers

Shelters report major adoption traffic from enthusiasts intentionally seeking to welcome home new feline friends in honor of the unofficial holiday. Staff deck out adoption lounges with feline-centric décor and designs to fuel a festive, upbeat vibe. Animal Vised Hashtag campaigns like #CaturdayCuteOverload aim to boost foster and adoption numbers by spotlighting available kitties. The strategy works – in 2022 shelters saw adoption numbers rise as much as 25% on relative to other days!

The Growth of “Kittizenship”

Also represent a chance for cat owners and lovers to engage community service projects supporting feline welfare and outreach. Volunteer initiatives in 2024 will likely expand worldwide given rising philanthropy and activism trends dubbed “kittizenship”. Whether assembling enrichment shelters for ferals or providing veterinary transport services, aspiring Kittizens have plenty of impactful opportunities to create positive change for cats locally or internationally on their important day.

Caturday Celebrations Bringing People Together

What started online has leapt offline with creative in-person events organized by cat cafes, shelters, hobbyist clubs and businesses. Eye-catching celebrations draw attention to community cat crowdsourcing, educational workshops, product fundraisers, offbeat pop culture conventions and more that convene feline fanatics through shared interests. Animal Vised The social cohesion and camaraderie channels enthusiasm toward helping real-life kitties in need.

The meow-mentous feline occasion looks to only gain momentum headed into 2024. Whatever your preferred way of feting our furry companions, represents a unified ode to one of humanity’s most beloved domestic species. Stay tuned for next week’s celebration!


Thanks to the power of internet cat culture combined with rising global pet ownership, has cemented itself as a permanent weekly fixture paying homage to fabulous felines. 2023 has all the right elements to keep celebrations thriving as more people discover the joy of cat guardianship and companionship. Animal Vised From lighthearted festivities to impactful philanthropy projects, cat lovers have plenty to look forward to next Caturday!

Caturday Does Petco Sell Cats
Caturday Does Petco Sell Cats

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How did the concept of “Caturday” and cat memes origination?

The term “Caturday” was likely coined on the imageboard website 4chan in 2007. Users began posting funny cat images and memes that eventually spawned the weekly tradition celebrated today.

What brand partnerships commonly happen now?

Major brands like Chewy, Temptations Treats, Fresh Step litter andPurina frequently partner with pro athletes, influencers and shelters for product promotions and adoption drives.

How has Caturday economically impacted the pet industry?

Experts estimate fuels over $200 million annually in cat toy, treat, and accessory sales as owners look to indulge felines on their special day. Animal Vised Brands eagerly capitalize on related social media hashtags and trends.

What will be the next evolution for Caturdays celebrations?

If growth continues, could become nationally/internationally recognized on calendars and by brands/organizations. More formalized in-person events at citywide scales will likely emerge rather than limited niche gatherings.

Why do cats warrant their own dedicated holiday?

Unlike any species, cats have uniquely infiltrated pop culture. Their popularity flooded the internet through viral videos and memes. Having an designated day satiates public demand to spotlight their antics and admire feline charisma.

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